Plastic City & The Little Fish Crossover Performance (Malaysia & Thailand)

About The Performance

Plastic City is not your average shadow play skit.

It elevates traditional Wayang Kulit performances to illustrate the most essential symbiosis of our growing modernity - the coexistence between man and nature.

All plastic materials we use are collected from what others have thrown away. We give these objects their own voice through a flashlight to depict their message on screen. By this we strive to shine a light on environmental issues and spark the right conversations.

The Little Fish explores hope and redemption in an illuminating deep sea adventure.

Terrorized by the menacing Big Hungry Fish, Little Black Fish must do all it can to survive and reunite with the rest of its family after escaping the onslaught. So begins this great adventure which sees the Little Black Fish crossing paths with fantastical creatures and journeying through wondrous encounters, all while the shadow of the Big Hungry Fish draws closer and closer.


Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2018
Times: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Venue: GMBB Event Hall
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins
(40 mins performance + performance meet-and-greet session)

Adult @ RM45/pax*
*One free Child ticket with every purchase of Adult ticket (child must be 12 years and below).


About The Performers

Plasticity Theatre Troupe (PTT) (Malaysia)
PTT is a collective group from Penang, formed in 2015 by a group of young Malaysian artists from various background (visual arts, performing arts, music, theatre education and stage management). All members have a strong interest in making human living space a more environment-friendly place by using arts as a medium to convey their message. We collect unwanted materials and objects, turn them into puppets in their shadow play to tell the story about the crucial environmental problem.

Artist - Low Zhi Kai
Zhi Kai has been actively involved in theatre productions since 2010. ‘Cross Wave & Moving Jetties’ of George Town Festival 2015 was his first attempt in stage management. The same year, he was also appointed as the stage manager for ‘Sang Kancil & Tapir’, a children's theatre production by ZXC Theatre Troupe. His involvement in ‘Sang Kancil & Tapir’ and ‘Wayang Time’ produced by Ombak-Ombak ArtStudio sparked his interest in shadow puppetry performance. He is now the lead puppeteer and stage manager of Plasticity Theatre Troupe.

Artist - Fish Lim Yun Xin
As a classically trained pianist since young, Fish's enthusiasm in music is evident. While mostly exposed to pop music production during her days in university, she was eventually signed under Singapore’s Funkie Monkies Productions after winning a composition competition. Apart from that, she is interested in short film soundtracks, avant-garde music, and live sound effects among other music-related fields. She has also been involved in music festivals as well as arts & culture festivals. In 2017 Fish joined Plasticity Theatre Troupe as a music and sound designer.

Artist - Tan Lay Heong
Founder of Plasticity Theatre Troupe. As a Penang based artist who graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has a great interest in installation art, painting, and photography. Besides curated exhibition projects and stage design work, she has been involved in several art residencies and youth arts camps aimed at introducing and promoting cultural heritage to the local youth. Tan currently focuses on creating shadow puppet shows which use recycled items and waste materials as key performance items. She believes that every item is unique and deserves a shot at rebirth.

Homemade Puppet Group (Thailand)
Just like a homemade bakery shop, the puppets of the Homemade Puppet Group are baked at home. Some puppets are for meals, some are gifts for friends, and some are for sale. They start from ordinary shadow puppet recipes, but also search for new ones along the way. The bun is good for the taste, so is their Homemade Puppet.

Artist - Sutarath Sinnong (Tom)
Tom has worked in alternative media arts for 20 years, individually and with groups. She started learning and practising performance arts by cutting her teeth through theatre arts with Makhampom Theatre Group (1996 – 2011) and Gajidrid Theatre for Education Group (1996 – 2004). She practised various kinds of performance arts, such as children’s theatre, mask theatre, physical theatre, and puppetry, among others. Most notably, Tom uses theatre and performance arts as tools to facilitate learning for a number of issues - including but not confined to gender, sexuality, and media literacy.

She founded “Homemade Puppet Group” in 2012 as a space to cultivate her puppetry skills, particularly shadow puppetry. Her works typically employ contemporary narratives. She was moved by the interplay of shadow and light, in the beautiful way these complementary elements can be danced to create charming and fascinating stories.

Regarding shadow techniques, Tom does allow any rules or patterns to limit her creativity. It is often a hit-and-miss procedure she has to keep working on. But she does not neglect the message of the story. For her, it is ultimately about making an impact using the best techniques she has developed over the years.
Sat Oct 13, 2018
3:00 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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13 Oct 2018 (Sat): 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM SOLD OUT RM45.00
13 Oct 2018 (Sat): 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM SOLD OUT RM45.00
Venue Address
No, 2, Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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